Key factors in Laboratory Automation

Allion Labs/ Shawn Li

Automation is currently the goal of implementation in all areas. Allion is working to transform the testing of each Logo into automation, include instrument automation, data analyzing and capturing data into a formal report. Allion completes all the test data through the instrument automation and then integrates the collected data into a complete report. Via combining these two technologies to complete the automation, it could save labor costs, improve work efficiency and reduce the error rate of human operation.

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Chromebook AVL QA: Introduction

Allion Labs / Joseph Lin

Chromebook Introduction

Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system designed by Google and uses Google Chrome browser as its primary user interface. Therefore, Chrome OS mainly supports web applications, and it has been compatible with Android applications (downloadable through Google Play Store) and Linux applications since 2016.

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The Real Threat of Virtual World – A Probe into Vulnerability Detection Tools

Allion Labs/ Jackson Chen

Vulnerability Detection Foundation of Systems Assurance

In the APP development process, information assets and risk management are quite important, but in fact, many companies have no testers or have non-professional testers. To save money, most companies are only focusing on the development of APP instead of testing the potential risks, which might lead to crash down after the APP goes online. The current common platform is Kali Linux, which includes several types of tools for users to use, but we are not limited to this platform, we can still use other tools to make the test more complete.

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Who knows my heart? Opportunity and extension testing of ECG/PPG wearable devices

Allion Labs/ Otto Wei

Chronic cardiovascular diseases can be detected by using hospital electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) measuring instrument. However, some typical symptoms of acute heart disease, such as premature ventricular contractions PVCs, are hard to be detected early. PVCs is generally accompanied with hypertension, and frequent PVCs could cause sudden death. 

But now, patients can use a wearable device to detect heart signals and receive warnings in advance. Although ECG’s pathological features are more precise when using electric signals, using optical ways such as photoplethysmography (PPG) to measure cardiac rate is relatively simple.

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Challenges of smart speakers in real-life applications

Jason Wu / Allion Labs

With the rapid development of voice assistant in recent years, sales of smart speakers are growing explosively every year, not only in Europe and America, but also in Asia. Typically, in order to achieve a consistent user experience, every smart speaker will be validated by the performance of the voice assistant before being launched to market. However, there are still incorrect recognition issues when users are using them. What factors are causing these issues? In this article, we are going to explore these issues from different ways.

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A new horizon for HDMI 2.1 – 8K

Allion Labs / Tina Yu

Regarding the new topic of 8K, it could trace back to that Japan mention 8K TV broadcast for 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Because of this topic, 8K TV is very on trend. The this year CES, the TV manufacturer SONY、Sharp、LG、Samsung、TCL promoted their own 8K TV. According to IHS Markit report indicated that the shipping of 8Kwas less than 20k units in 2018, but it will be up to 430k units until 2019. And in 2020, it will estimate to become to 2000k units. It shows 8K TV could bring the huge business in the future.

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How to select high-quality accessories for Apple Mac?

Allion Labs / Vincent Wang

Since Apple launched the first Apple MacBook with the USB-C interface in 2015 and MacBook Pro 2016 with the USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) specification, the new design makes MacBook thinner by replacing the other transport interfaces. Users could connect to other devices or charge their MacBook via USB-C. But here’s the thing, there are still many laptops, desktops or mobiles at the market are not abandoning USB Type-A or Micro-USB. Users need USB-C adapters, docking stations or hubs to connect both USB-C and traditional USB sides. Except USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter or Docking officially launched by Apple, the market is full with similar accessories offered by other brands. Some of them do cause either data transmission, display or charging issues and eventually leave consumer bad impressions.

So, how can we prevent these issues before they occur? What kinds of these issues or annoying problems that users may face when they use those accessories!? In the next paragraphs, we are introducing the 4 common issues and what Allion can provide brand or manufacturer to prevent these issues and safeguard your accessory quality.

Starting from 2015, Apple has used USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) as a connectivity standard which replaces the traditional interfaces and makes Mac more flexible with its multi-function feature

The Four Types of Common Issues when using Mac Accessories

The first type: communication protocol or electrical signal issues

  • The connected device CANNOT be recognized by the Mac system or work properly
  1. The inserted SD card CANNOT be successfully detected after connecting the card reader to the Mac system
  2. The external hard drive CANNOT be detected by the Mac system
  3. CANNOT display images from the connected accessory device via USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) interface
  • The SuperSpeed device is identified as a High-Speed device or with even lower spec
  • Some of device’s functions fail when using a USB-C Multiport adapter or a Docking

The second type: Dysfunction Issues

  1. A flashback or an error message on the device’s proprietary software
  2. MacOS bundled software works incorrectly when connecting an accessory
  3. Mac’s power supply CANNOT work smoothly when connecting an accessory

The third type: bad user experience

  1. Wrong descriptions of the packaging, user manual or notifications, etc.
  2. The Mac system is under performance or abnormal power management
  3. Interoperability issues with the Apple’s accessories
  4. Software support is not updated in time for Mac O.S.

The fourth type: Device issue affects other components

The above issues may happen in users’ daily lives. Since people exchange information or idea everyday online or offline. Poor user experiences could make a significant impact on other buyers’ purchase decisions and even damage the brand. To better perfect user experiences, you need a complete and rigorous testing process to ensure your product quality before product launch. That’s why you need Allion’s solution.

“Mac QA Accessories Certification Program” The solution to better your Mac Accessories

As the Apple Store QA Third-party Peripherals Test Lab, Allion launches the Mac Accessories QA Program. The program defining the test specifications will ensure your Mac accessories, including cables, dongles, adapters, earphones and speakers perfectly work with Mac systems, as we as achieve customer satisfactions. This QA certification test for USB-C accessories covers the following two items:

  •  USB-C (Thunderbolt3) function QA  

The test includes mechanical testing, verification on the product packaging descriptions and user manual, product functional testing (including software test capability and MacOS applications), stability testing, and performance testing.

  •  USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) De-sense QA

Check attenuation on each USB-C/Thunderbolt of MacBook (Pro) series when connecting a device.Identity product easily

Consumers can check whether their accessories have been passed the test or not via the website

Allion provides the highest quality assurance for your products

A high-quality accessory should have good connectivity, stability and functionality in the Apple MacOS ecosystem. As the Apple Store QA Third-Party Peripherals Test Lab, Allion’s new launched program will ensure your Mac accessories perfectly work with Mac systems, as we as achieve customer satisfactions. Those Mac accessories passing the QA program will receive Allion’s test certificate, one of Apple’s pre-requests to get into Mac Store, also a high quality proof for product or channel marketing.

Apple Mac’s market share has increased significantly in recent years. It leads to high-demand of Mac accessories. When consumers don’t know how to choose an accessory, they may refer to Allion’s Mac QA Certificate and Allion’s Mac QA website