Interop issues with smart devices and how to take care of them

Allion Labs / Alex Chien

The Internet is a part of our daily lives, we chat online, receive and send e-mails online, and there is simply no way that we can survive without the internet. For the past decade, we are witnessing drastic development in IT products, for instance, personal computers are getting replaced with ultralight, thin laptops, the advancing mobile phones, and all are adding more diversity and complexity to the whole ecosystem.

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Comparison Of Mesh Wi-Fi Routers On The Market, Decoding The Secrets For AP Selection(PartII): Applications Functions

Allion Labs / Ryan Huang

In the previous article, we’ve compared the basic specifications of the three Mesh Wi-Fis: Netgear Orbi RBK50, Asus Lyra MAP-AC2200, and eero Pro Wi-Fi System. In this article, we are going to simulate actual user-scenarios and make comparisons on the performance of the four common functions, which are easy setup, APP function, band steering, and seamless roaming of the three Mesh Wi-Fi APs.

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Comparison Of Mesh Wi-Fi Routers On The Market, Decoding The Secrets For AP Selection(PartI): Power Comparison

Allion Labs / Ryan Huang

With the rising number of Mesh Wi-Fi AP products on the market that are quite pricey, consumers may be skeptical of whether the products meet their expectations. We’ve selected three mesh Wi-Fi routers, Netgear Orbi RBK50, Asus Lyra MAP-AC2200, and eero Pro Wi-Fi System and made comparisons in ther SPEC (product specification), Heat Map wireless signal coverage, and Performance (transmission speed) to determine which Mesh Wi-Fi AP set has the best wireless network signal under different user scenarios.

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Billboard- A Must-Know for Type-C Device Holders

With the widespread of the USB Type-C interface and its innovative features such as image transmission, charging, sound effect, and internet, Type-C is getting increasingly popular. Despite its various functions, Type-C faces issues when connected to a non-supporting device. This is where Billboard plays the key role as it instantly informs users the issues.

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A brief introduction to Bluetooth applications: BT Pointer and its interoperability issues

Allion Labs / Flash Liu

Bluetooth is a personal wireless communication technology commonly used in the connections of PCs, smartphones, and personal mobile devices for information transfer and exchange. The Bluetooth SIG introduced the newest Bluetooth 5.0 in 2016, boasting an effective transmission distance of 300 meters and speed of 2Mbps.

Ever since Bluetooth 4.0’s adoption of the Low Energy Technology, products that support Bluetooth have gradually increased. In recent years, the application of Bluetooth has expanded from general computer-related merchandise to medical and home care, vehicle-mounted devices, and IoT smart home appliances, etc.

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Operating your Wi-Fi network on the 5GHz band? Make sure you deploy DFS first!

Allion Labs/ Flash Liu

The under-capacity, over-crowdedness and poor efficiency of the 2.4GHz band have long been common knowledge. The number of channels on the 5GHz is greater than that one the 2.4GHz. However, a large portion of these channels is DFS channels. The advantage of the 5GHz is reduced by more than half if the DFS channels are not in use.
What exactly is DFS? Why is it so influential?

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Next-Generational Wi-Fi System: Wi-Fi Mesh AP- I

Allion Labs / Ryan Huang

Nowadays, the Wi-Fi network plays an indispensable role in our lives. Consumer electronics products frequently used by family members, including smartphones, tablets, and the application of IoT such as smart TVs and household appliances, all have to link to Wi-Fi network to enjoy online functions and cloud services. To ensure all household IoT devices can be connected to Wi-Fi network, full coverage Wi-Fi was born.

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The best solution to enhance your movie-watching experience at home: Allion’s audio interoperability tests

As display technology advances, high-quality sound experiences are also getting prevalent, TVs, displays, projectors, and home theater speakers are becoming essential in setting up home entertainment systems.

Recent years, AV specifications are becoming more versatile, thereby offering companies and consumers in various ways in building a new home entertainment ecosystem with innovative applications of surround sound technologies.

Using Dolby Atmos as an example, Dolby first launched the Dolby Pro Logic 5.1 with only 5 sound channels. In April 2012, Dolby introduced Dolby Atmos, the first-ever movie surround sound technology that mixes audio elements into a single audio object without adopting the replaced channel dependency. With the latest Dolby Atmos 24.1.10, it can support up to 24 channels.

With Dolby Atmos, users can place their speakers anywhere in a three-dimensional space, which allows users to design speaker locations and movements, bringing users an immersive surround sound experience.

To further enhance the Atmos experience, Dolby Laboratories also launched the brand-new codecs Dolby ED2, which is an update of Dolby E and is backward compatible. Together with professional Metadata (PMD), Dolby ED2 enables a more compelling surround sound experience.

Figure 1: Home Theater Setup with Overhead Soundbars

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How much do you know about Bluetooth Intellectual Property?

Since the release of Bluetooth 5 in 2016, it has been widely adopted by the global IoT community to make all kinds of smart devices. Bluetooth 5 delivers a faster solution as its transmission speed is 4.2 times faster than the previous versions, with its range quadruples while boosting the capacity of message broadcasting by 8 times.

Additionally, Bluetooth 5 supports indoor positioning and navigation. By integrating with Wi-Fi technology, Bluetooth 5 can locate objects indoor and is accurate to within 100 m. Whether it is data synchronization With features such as high-performance, low-power, low-cost, better security, and easy-to-develop, Bluetooth 5 has become the priority of many smart home appliance vendors.

But, before we move on, do you know that Bluetooth logo is an intellectual property?

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