Is Your Wireless Network Ready for Connecting Multiple Devices at Once?

Allion Labs / Cache Her

As wireless network technologies thrive, most smartphones, computers, tablets, and IoT devices are able to connect to the Internet. According to Cisco Annual Internet Report (2018-2023) White Paper, there will be 3.6 networked devices per capita by 2023, up from 2.4 networked devices per capita in 2018. This means that for a family of four, there can be 14.4 (or more) devices sharing the same home network at the same time. In addition, video streaming, online gaming, and many more applications use a lot of bandwidth. How do we make sure that the quality of the Internet won’t get affected as more devices join the wireless network?

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The Validation of TWS and Smart Speaker

Allion Labs / Greg Tsai

With Apple removing the earphone jack on iPhone 7 and launching the revolutionary Air Pods in 2016, wireless earphones, particularly True Wireless Earbuds, are getting increasingly popular.

Consumers are willing to spend more on a pair of earphones, as it allows users to be free from the strings when exercising and commuting. Wireless earphones are not the only product that is loved by many, smart speakers, the hub and control center for smart homes, has also been a fast-growing audio product.

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How to fix BSOD? Check out Microsoft Windows Dump File Analysis

Allion Labs / Joseph Lin

The Blue Screen of Death, often abbreviated as BSOD, is an error screen displayed on a Windows computer when its operating system (OS) cannot recover from a critical system error. The BSOD indicates a system crash, meaning that the operating system has reached a condition where it cannot operate normally. Many problems can trigger a BSOD, for example, hardware failures, driver issues, or a crucial process terminating unexpectedly.  

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Car Ethernet – An introduction to TC9

Allion Labs / Maroco Fan & Ken Yan

Data transmissions, video streaming, drivers, and passengers can now enjoy these in-premise entertainment activities right in their cars, all possible because of the advancing car Ethernet. To ensure a faster and stable transmission, the Open (One-Pair Ether-Net) Alliance has released conformance requirements, including TC2-100 Base and TC9-1000, for the radiofrequency validations of cables and connectors on the physical layer. In this article, we are going to introduce the test details of TC9 (Frequency within 1~600MHz) and the type of testing instruments used in the validations.

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Quality Control – The Key to Successful Products

Allion Labs / Jacky Hou & Vanex Hsu

Quality Control – Validation and Verifications 

Manufacturing is a complex process that involves various stages of incoming supply control, production, verification, packaging, and shipment. Every segment of the manufacturing process is governed b strict operational procedures and quality requirements. Audit and inspection are at the forefront of product quality to avoid defects being carried out to the end of the manufacturing process. But one inspection is not enough, brands will deploy QA engineering teams or outsourcing contractors to engage in random audits and FATP to maintain high yield rates.

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Is Your Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Smart Enough?

Allion Labs/ Henry Hung

Fluctuating blood pressure often signals health problems. For older adults and patients with hypertension, it is even more important to monitor and track their blood pressure regularly. Thus, many doctors and experts suggest that people at higher risk should buy blood pressure monitors to check their blood pressure at home.

There are two types of blood pressure monitors: manual and digital meters. Manual meters, including mercury and aneroid manometers, are used in conjunction with a stethoscope. Since taking a blood pressure manually is relatively complicated, manual meters may not be the best choice for non-trained users.

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VESA Display HDR and HDR10+ Testing Services

Allion Labs / Lexus Lee

HDMI and DisplayPort, the two dominant Audio/Video interface standards, have motivated the world to pursue higher resolution. Television and monitor vendors have been highlighting the feature of 4K, 8K, and even 10K resolution to market their products. Since 8K or 10K contents are not yet available on the market, most display vendors turn to High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology—it brings better viewing experiences to consumers with richer colors, wider contrasts, and brighter images.

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