Secrets to keep your house clean: Is your Robotic vacuum cleaner really robotic?

Allion Labs / Nash Tung

In the smart home, it’s easy to create a comfortable living environment without extra manpower. Among them, robot vacuums are one of the representative products. However, the price ranges of robot vacuums are vary on the market; prices usually from USD 100 to 1000, how can consumers find the best choice in price and function become a hard decision. The answer is simple: the original design of the product is important.

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Testing Wi-Fi routers with TR-398 standard- Which one has the best performance?

Allion Labs / Ryan Huang

Computers, smart phones, and IoT devices are an indispensable part of our lives. But in order for the devices to deliver their fullest performance, stable Wi-Fi connections are needed. TR-398 is launched specifically to test the performance of Wi-Fi routers. In this article we are going to test some of the notable brands in the market and see how well they perform when being tested with the TR-398 approach.

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The applications of TR-398 and IoT devices

Allion Labs / Cache Her

TR-398 has a clear standard for regulating the performance of home Wi-Fi routers. Some of you might be wondering, can this standard also be applied to other wireless products and IoT devices? The answer is yes. With TR-398 vendors will get a better understanding of how their products perform in real-life scenarios.

We’ve already introduced the 6 testing aspects and 11 test cases of TR-398 in TR-398: Performance Testing of In-home Routers. Among the 11 test cases of TR-398 standard, 10 of which can be used to verify other in-premise wireless products and IoT devices.

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Is your Smart Water Bottle Smart Enough?

Allion Labs/Henry Hung

Sunlight, air and water are the necessities for human living, and among them, water is the most important element for our human body. Drinking sufficient water is the key to maintain our health and fitness.

Unfortunately, people sometimes get too busy to drink water in this changeable world. Therefore, a smart water bottle is invented to solve the problem of inadequate water in our daily lives.

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TR-398: Performance Testing of In-home Routers (Part III)

From the last two articles of this series, we believe that everyone now has a deep understanding of the background and meaning of the TR-398 Standard and the test environment setup requirements. Of which, we also briefly introduced the two major test categories of the TR-398 Standard: Receiver sensitivity and bandwidth, and their test items. In this article, we will introduce five mandatory test items of category 3, coverage, and category 4, multi-user support, and their test cases.

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TR-398: Performance Testing of In-home Routers (Part II)

In the previous article, we briefly introduced the background information of the TR-398 Wi-Fi In-Premises Performance Testing (the “TR-398 Standard”) and the significance of the launch of this test standard. We also introduced the environment setup and requirements in a more in-depth manner starting from the scope of impact of the TR-398 Standard. In this article, we will continue from where we ended in the last article and explain the test items (bandwidth) of the TR-398 Standard.

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TR-398: Performance Testing of In-home Routers (Part I)

Since the past, indoor Wi-Fi has not had common performance testing standards, which has led to manufacturers defining and performing their own tests. This phenomenon causes confusion in users when purchasing related equipment as product features cannot be compared across brands without common ground. This year, the international NGO Broadband Forum, together with manufacturers and laboratories, developed the indoor Wi-Fi performance test standard, and in February 2019 released the first in-home Wi-Fi performance test standard, TR-398 Wi-Fi In-Premises Performance Testing (the “TR-398 Standard”).

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Allion Test Report: Distance, Coverage, and Throughput rates

Traditionally, we use our mobile phones, personal computers, and laptops to go online. Nowadays, with the rise of IoT devices and their diverse applications, more devices can be connected to the internet. Households are filled with smart devices such as smart TVs, smart lighting, smart speakers, machines, and thermometers. When we are building network at home, we often encounter two issues:

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