Allion Test Report: Distance, Coverage, and Throughput rates

Traditionally, we use our mobile phones, personal computers, and laptops to go online. Nowadays, with the rise of IoT devices and their diverse applications, more devices can be connected to the internet. Households are filled with smart devices such as smart TVs, smart lighting, smart speakers, machines, and thermometers. When we are building network at home, we often encounter two issues:

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The secret to outrun others in the Initial Quality Study (IQS)

J.D Power is a global survey company established in 1968 in the US, with its main scope of business focusing on consumer satisfactory, product quality, and after-sales satisfactory. J.D Power is initially known for its car-related businesses, which is internationally-renowned for its credible market surveys. Before buying a car, many consumers would refer to the Initial Quality Study by J.D Power.

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An introduction to Allion’s Motion Library- The key to high-quality and smart wearable

Smart wearable devices have improved the quality of life and convenience for mankind, which is why they are gaining popularity around the world. Many types of wearable devices can now be found on the market, including watches, wristbands, glasses, and wearables, while these devices have already been applied to health management, digital medicine, and virtual reality (VR), primarily oriented to entertainment and various other applications.

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Interop issues with smart devices and how to take care of them

Allion Labs / Alex Chien

The Internet is a part of our daily lives, we chat online, receive and send e-mails online, and there is simply no way that we can survive without the internet. For the past decade, we are witnessing drastic development in IT products, for instance, personal computers are getting replaced with ultralight, thin laptops, the advancing mobile phones, and all are adding more diversity and complexity to the whole ecosystem.

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Billboard- A Must-Know for Type-C Device Holders

With the widespread of the USB Type-C interface and its innovative features such as image transmission, charging, sound effect, and internet, Type-C is getting increasingly popular. Despite its various functions, Type-C faces issues when connected to a non-supporting device. This is where Billboard plays the key role as it instantly informs users the issues.

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A brief introduction to Bluetooth applications: BT Pointer and its interoperability issues

Allion Labs / Flash Liu

Bluetooth is a personal wireless communication technology commonly used in the connections of PCs, smartphones, and personal mobile devices for information transfer and exchange. The Bluetooth SIG introduced the newest Bluetooth 5.0 in 2016, boasting an effective transmission distance of 300 meters and speed of 2Mbps.

Ever since Bluetooth 4.0’s adoption of the Low Energy Technology, products that support Bluetooth have gradually increased. In recent years, the application of Bluetooth has expanded from general computer-related merchandise to medical and home care, vehicle-mounted devices, and IoT smart home appliances, etc.

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Can Your Smart Assistants Work With Other Devices? A Test Analysis from Allion’s Interoperability Validation

As we mentioned in last article: Smart Enough? The Three Most Frequent Issues in Smart Assistant Applications, smart assistant can be vocally activated to provide entertainment support, help search information, and control other smart devices in houses, offices, or hotel rooms. Generally, a smart assistant, to complete these tasks, has to work with other devices, such as going online with wireless access points (AP) or synchronizing with smart phones via Bluetooth. However, we found several interoperability issues after paring up six smart assistants with 20 APs and 20 smart phones. In this article, we argue that, even for the products that have been certified by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, interoperability issues can occur during the complex matches among the various products in the market. Read more

Smart Enough? The Three Most Frequent Issues in Smart Assistant Applications

Voice recognition has become the prevalent technology for remote authentication. To fulfill people’s imaginations for “convenience,” tech giants such as Amazon, Google, and Apple started to develop their own voice recognition systems and have invented and brought “Smart Assistant” to the market.

Generally, a smart assistant can be vocally activated to provide entertainment support (e.g. music and radio), help search information (e.g. wiki, translation, and recipe), and control other smart devices in houses, offices, or hotel rooms. These clever helpers later become the focus for those manufacturers who attempt to step further in the IoT era. Read more

Protect Your Eyes in a Better way – Allion Test Report of Blue Light Filter Apps

With the flourishing of display technology nowadays, digital device makers tend to produce bright and vivid screen by using LED backlighting technology. However, you should be careful since this “eye-killer” can emit very strong blue light rays, which harm your eyes. In fact, studies have shown that prolonged exposure over time of blue light will cause digital eye strain, such as dry and irritated eyes. Although there are a large numbers of blue light filter apps (also known as Night Mode) that allow users to protect eyes, their efficiencies are still questioned. In this article, Allion argues that these apps can be useful tools for filtering out blue light. First, we will explain what blue light is. Then we will run tests after activating these apps.

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Embracing IoT? Wait!! A Test Report from Allion Smart Life Program

The idea of IoT (Internet of Things) and the innovation of technology have created a new lifestyle to people. Today, individuals, when stepping into a house, are able to turn on light, air conditioner, or television by simply speaking a word. However, the larger scale applications of smart technology also created more complex issues.

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