Wi-Fi Alliance CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct® Connections Provide Convenient High Speed Network Services Direct to Customers

Wi-Fi Direct® is an IEEE 802.11 wireless network protocol that supports direct wireless connections between compatible devices. Wi-Fi Direct uses peer-to-peer connections to perform common networking tasks. With Wi-Fi Direct users can quickly and securely share, print, display, and sync files between linked devices.

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Comparative Analysis of 802.11ac Wireless Access Points

As a leading global engineering validation and consulting company, Allion has already cultivated and built strong capabilities in the field of wireless device validation and testing. With the increasing penetration of the IEEE 802.11ac wireless standard across a wide range of electronic devices, increasing the overall availability and quality of compatible wireless access points (APs) is attracting more market attention.

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Tap-to-Connect: An Innovative Application of Wi-Fi Protected Setup with NFC

Meet Market Requirement, Upgrade Easy-to-Use & Strengthen Security Protection

With the mass usage of mobile devices and wearable technologies, more and more manufacturers have incorporated Near Field Communication (NFC) technology into their basic specification, improving the rapidity and convenience of interconnection. According to market research of IHS report, the world shipments of NFC-enabled cellular handsets will be increased four times more and the shipments can be up to 1.2 billion from 2013 to 2018. The research study also showed that except for the NFC’s transmission feature, the market demand has gradually moved toward NFC’s convenient applications such as data receiving, processing, storage and transaction. At this point, the security of information transmission is particularly important; it enables individuals, groups, or even a network of public space not to leak the important information easily and also eliminates the safety concerns indirectly.

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New Generation of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Satisfies Your Appetite for Network

image Wi-FI Alliance® (WFA) has again created another milestone with the launch of the brand new Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program. Products that pass Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program would be able to transmit data with speed over 1 Gbps, have up to 160 MHz channel bandwidth and also support Multi-user MIMO and 256 QAM Modulation. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac would benefit users with advanced user experience and high-quality multimedia streaming service, improving the quality of networking in family, business and various other living environments.

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Understanding Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast ™: The Extension of Wi-Fi Technology. Miracast is for Miracle, Cast and seamlessly Mobile-Display Certification Program

Extended collaboration between technology and the content within it shall prevail eventually

According to Marshall McLuhan, a famous Canadian philosopher of communication theory, “All media are extensions of some human faculty- psychic or physical.” From the point of the development of technology, we would realize that with the rise of mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet, it is not only human faculty will be in a phase of re-integration but also extended collaboration between technology itself and the content within it will also enter an era of convergence. In other words, the development of technology and content isn’t just two parallel lines; instead, content can be the extension of technology. For example, we can have better audio-visual feasts through 3D or sound effect. Besides, technology can be the extension of content as well: with the technique of interoperability and compatibility, we will be able to display real-time content on a variety of devices. Therefore, we find out that if content cannot be displayed on diversified platforms, it would obviously interfere with the development of convenience and usability of modern technology. In terms of this, Wi-Fi Alliance® has already launched a whole new certification program in September, called Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast ™. Through Wi-Fi Display technique with simple setting, no matter users are indoor or outdoor, they are able to transmit audio-visual files or pictures quickly between devices that pass Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast ™ certification program, which officially predicts many companies that an era of wireless mobile-display is coming.

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New Standard Technique of Wi-Fi Alliance®: Easy and Secure Direct Links—Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ TDLS

Wi-Fi Alliance® launched Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ TDLS certification program in August this year. TDLS (Tunneled Direct Link Setup) is a new connection standard, enabling two devices that support Wi-Fi to connect directly to one another after they have joined a traditional Wi-Fi network. Without any complicated settings and no need to transfer data via access point, these two devices automatically build a secure and direct P2P connection. This means in the future, smartphones, tablets, TVs, cameras, projectors or any other consumer electronics products will be able to connect with each other to transfer content and share applications quickly and easily through Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ TDLS technique. Generally speaking, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ TDLS would promote connection ability of Wi-Fi device and reduce access point’s delay and interference from high loading volume of content. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ TDLS makes it easier for users and makes the technical applications of Wi-Fi and overall bandwidth more efficient without upgrading access point.

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Antennagate Problem For iPad?

Three Tests Disclose the Problems of Wi-Fi Connection for Tablet Computer

clip_image002iPad, one of the hottest products designed and developed by Apple, Inc., has been so popular that it has led the trend since the product was launched in April, 2010. This innovative product has brought out renewed interest in the Tablet PC market and revealed Apple’s intention of exploring more opportunities and expanding into electronic book (e-book) arena. The introduction of iPad has significant impacts on existing products in the market as it competes not only with Kindle, designed and developed by Amazon.com, Inc. but also threatens traditional notebooks and netbooks.

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