New Generation of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Satisfies Your Appetite for Network

image Wi-FI Alliance® (WFA) has again created another milestone with the launch of the brand new Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program. Products that pass Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program would be able to transmit data with speed over 1 Gbps, have up to 160 MHz channel bandwidth and also support Multi-user MIMO and 256 QAM Modulation. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac would benefit users with advanced user experience and high-quality multimedia streaming service, improving the quality of networking in family, business and various other living environments.

Developed by the IEEE Standards Association process, IEEE 802.11ac provides stable high-throughput mainly on 5 GHz band, which is able to reduce interference efficiently. In order to optimize network connectivity and offer the fastest service, it is expected that Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac product will adopt dual band mode in the future, which allows product to function simultaneously under both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency band. Thus, many major Wi-Fi chipset providers are launching 5 GHz/2.4 GHz dual band solution one after another, which is considered good news for user and the whole market to create a high-quality Wi-Fi environment. ABI Research predicts that shipments of dual-band Wi-Fi chipsets–including both Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ n and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac–will exceed 1.5 billion by the end of 2014. Therefore, the interoperability and the stability of transmitting/receiving data between these two chipsets is extraordinarily important, which would influence consumer’s purchase intention.

Compared to the legacy generation of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ n, which only provides up to 4 spatial streams, 802.11ac has more than double the freedom of channel usability, offering up to 8 spatial streams which would further improve the efficiency and quality of wireless communication system. Meanwhile, 802.11ac provides higher‐order modulation–up to 256 Qam, enhancing the advanced ability of signal processing and anti-noise efficiency.


EEE 802.11ac not only improves transmission efficiency, but also makes a breakthrough on Multi-user MIMO. Multiple input/output antennas are able to expand the channel usage ratio of MIMO, a technology that allows Access Point (AP) to transmit and receive independent data streams simultaneously to several Wireless Stations (STA) while every STA can receive up to 4 sets of data streams at the same time. In order to downsize the capacity of mobile devices, traditional end products are designed with only one set of Wi-Fi antenna, causing the issue of Internet resource competing and affecting the quality and efficiency of Internet connectivity. However, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac supports multiple antennas and reinforces the efficiency of bandwidth as a whole, solving the problem of jammed channel between devices and providing users with higher definition videos or music streams with better quality.


MacBook Air Supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac

According to the Wi-Fi Certification Team’s point of view from Allion Labs, Inc. (Allion), mobile devices passing Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program such as notebooks, tablets, consumer electronics products, and network equipments are going to be in the market soon since the time for Wi-Fi 802.11ac era has arrived. And the need for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac products will definitely be growing up. For this reason, developers and manufacturers need multi-angle Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program more than ever. With Allion’scomprehensive services for 802.11 certification program and technical consultation, we are able to satisfy company’s various needs for certification, effectively saving client’s budget and cost of time.

Recently Allion has become the first-wave Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL) for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac Certification Program. As an ATL recognized by WFA for so many years, Allion has the state-of-the-art testing environments and senior expert teams specialized in wireless technical domain. We will keep pace with the market trend and provide you the latest information regarding WFA and other critical information, having you enjoy the techniques of Wi-Fi perfectly. For further information please check If you need a prompt response regarding this Wi-Fi certification program, please contact