Standard Program Recent Update (2): UPnP and DisplayPort

UPnP List Allion as Independent Certification Vendor for UPnP Pre-Certification Testing

For those seeking for UPnP Pre-Certification Testing, UPnP Forum has officially listed Allion as its Independent Certification Vendors (ICVs). Allion is also the only ICV to be listed on the website. Members can feel free to contact Allion for pre-certification testing services and obtain the test logs for further submission. Please go to the resources page of UPnP website for the announcement.

New Test Requirement of DMS, M-DMS, DMR, DMPr products

UPnP Forum announced new test requirement on DMS, M-DMS, DMR, DMPr products as shown below and will be enforced from November 17th this year:

Until Nov 17th 2011: DMS, M-DMS, DMR, DMPr products need to be tested with UPnP V1.5 and V2.0 test tool. Customer has to submit V1.5 & V2.0 test logs for reviewing and the V1.5 test log must be Pass.

From Nov 17th 2011: only V2.0 Pass log can be accepted and submitted for DMS/ M-DMS product. As to DMR/ DMPr products, V1.5 & V 2.0 test logs need to be submitted and the V1.5 test log must be Pass.

DisplayPort Adoption in PC Displays Increases by 160 Percent

VESA announced a tremendous growth in the number of PC displays adopting DisplayPort in the end of August. Over the last 1 year, DisplayPort adoption in PC displays has increased by 160 percent, reaching 78 displays from leading manufacturers. The astonishing growth not only shows the whole industry’s recognition and optimism towards DisplayPort,
it is also manufacturers to replace legacy interfaces with DisplayPort. Full annoucement please refer to VESA website.

VESA Expands DisplayPort Standard to Support Active Cables

VESA recently announced an extension of its DisplayPort version 1.2 standard to support DisplayPort active cables. DisplayPort active cables can be as much as 5x in length compared to passive cables, providing video systems integrators and home users the ultimate flexibility for designing next-generation home theaters, digital signage and high-definition display configurations. See the full announcement.

*   The information contained in this article was extracted from Allion e-newsletter: