Standard Program Recent Update (2): UPnP and DisplayPort

UPnP List Allion as Independent Certification Vendor for UPnP Pre-Certification Testing

For those seeking for UPnP Pre-Certification Testing, UPnP Forum has officially listed Allion as its Independent Certification Vendors (ICVs). Allion is also the only ICV to be listed on the website. Members can feel free to contact Allion for pre-certification testing services and obtain the test logs for further submission. Please go to the resources page of UPnP website for the announcement.

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Standard Program Recent Update (1): HDMI and WHQL


Clarification to HDMI Adopted Trademark and Logo Usage Guidelines

For those Adopters who want to ensure the way of getting HDMI royalty discounted rate (which is $0.05 per unit sold), HDMI Licensing, LLC has recently released a statement to clarify its guidelines. In Attachment B of the Adopter Agreement, it is indicated that Adopter must “reasonably incorporates the Adopted Trademarks on its Licensed Products and related documentation and promotional materials” to receive the royalty discount. HDMI Licensing, LLC also provides a simple understandable formula which is shown below:

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To Look at Developing Point of Technology Standardization from New Technology – TransferJet as the Example

In our daily life, many different techniques are applied on countless electronic products to render its function. If those techniques are self-developed by each individual company, it is highly possible to limit the industry’s evolvement and the technique’s further advancement. To avoid the hydra-headed situation, the concept of“technology standardization”is thus given birth to universalize popular technologies in the market. The purpose of technology standardization is to formulate a usable technology to become the applicable standard for all vendors to adopt and use. Therefore it can not only make a technology to be widely adopted, but also to avoid industrial monopoly on particular technology to pursue one’s own commercial interests.

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