Intel Speeds Thunderbolt Interface with High-Speed Transmission Technology and Solution


Intel announced the initial Thunderbolt technology which was the so-called “Light Peak” at the 2009 Intel Developer Forum; however, the Thunderbolt technology was commercially and greatly introduced on Apple’s MacBook Pro series in 2011. In fact, the Thunderbolt technology had not completely hit the market before because of its system specification, cable costs and the lack of relevant peripheral product development support. In 2013; based on the concept of Intel’s Ultrabook, the PC end products have been gradually developed with the thin system design and the growth of multimedia video/audio transmission requirements.

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Is Thunderbolt A New Threat to USB 3.0?


Thunderbolt, formerly called ‘Lightpeak’, is Intel’s new high-speed I/O technology through a single port that is first available on new Apple MacBook Pro notebooks lately. Fast data transfers are Intel’s main claim, such as 10 gigabits per second transfers and dual-protocol support. The allows for two channels on the same connector at up to 10 gigabits per second that can support both PCI Express and DisplayPort technologies. Compared with existing technologies, Thunderbolt is regarded as a combination of HDMI and USB 3.0, the loading quantity is spectacularly huge through its co-invented PCI Express 4x, which can connect external devices directly to Macbook Pro.

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