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To let you easily get to know our website structure and absorb tech information that you’re interested in. Please read the category introduction below first. We’ll continue to update our content and bring the latest industry news for you!

Tech Insight

Are you interested in becoming a tech expert? Check “Tech Insight” and let your dream come true. Here you can learn about the meaning of technical terms and the definition of some new-to-the-market technology. It’s the easily way to help you obtain IT knowledge.

Test Report

Here in this category, you can keep getting our new product test reports. Every single report we released is executed by our experienced engineers and analyzed with our professional point of view. If you would like to know what’re the key factors to product quality of tons of IT devices, here you can find all the answers you want.

Trend Express

Information Anxiety is now more common than ever before. People are always worried about not getting the latest news, reports or statistics. Technical Direct knows this feeling, and that’s why we would like to collect important trend articles and latest analysis reports for you. These information are also digested into easy-to read-language. From now on, you can be fully-acknowledged at IT market trend in the blink of an eye.

What is Technical Direct?

Technical Direct is an independent tech information website established by Allion Test Labs, a global IT testing organization. The mission of Technical Direct is to provide a brand new information channel to the mass. From the most professional test report, in-depth technology analysis to the latest industry trend, Technical Direct covers them all. If your have any new ideas/ suggestions, or expect to see any specific topic, please contact us anytime!

Who is Allion Test Labs?

Allion Test Labs is a global Information Technology (IT) testing organization conducting certification, interoperability, performance and compatibility testing services for companies all over the world. Allion not just helps world’s leading IT companies to verify their products with its own unique methodology, it is also a designated test laboratory authorized by world-famous standard organizations/ associations. Many products we use in our daily life such as TV, laptop or Hard Drive, may all are verified by Allion. Interested in Allion Test Labs? Check the Website to know more! https://www.allion.co.jp/